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What determines the success of sales professionals?

In a nutshell, a panoramic dive into the data reveals a transformative trajectory: as our economy evolves into one driven by knowledge and scientific advancements, the role of salespeople undergoes a profound shift.


When we look at scientific evidence, we can see that five factors influence how well salespeople do their job. These factors are: how much they know about selling, how well they can adapt to different situations, how clear their job roles are, how good their thinking abilities are, and how engaged and motivated they are in their work. 

They are forced to become not just salespeople, but rather savvy knowledge brokers, facilitating the exchange of wisdom with clients across industrial and consumer domains. This evolution demands salespeople who can readily assimilate information, collaborate seamlessly with diverse teams, curate messages tailored to intricate stakeholder landscapes, and mold the perspectives of their customers.

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