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Put away your HR-glasses and put on those ROI-glasses


The calculation is simple. Finding the best sales leader is the investment decision that will give you the most return this year. Nothing else.

Top sales leaders brings your business strategy to the market. They increases your sales force effectiveness and create value in an unprecedented technological, social, environmental, and economic dynamics.

Thus, far from being a recruitment issue, the person you hire for that leading sales position is an investment decision that impacts the entire organization.

Personnel Psychology

Evidence Based

Research illustrates that a so-called ‘norm of normality’ is incorrect and that top talent is instead found in the longtail (O’Boyle & Aguinis, 2012). Talent is not ‘normally distributed’ or centered around the mean. On the contrary, there are considerably more low- than highly talented people and the differences between ‘the best and the rest’ are enormous (see the figure to the left).

According to research by McKinsey, top talent could be up to 800% more productive than average employees (link). In other words: accomplishing in a week what would take two months for an average employee. At SalesQuarters, we understand top talent and their unique wishes like no other. The recruitment and selection of top talent is a profession in its own right (link). Our expertise and experience makes us specialists in recruiting and selecting top talent.