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With SalesQuarters, you approach your sales talent management decisions as an investment with maximum return. 

Leadership Development

Leadership development is what it takes to ensure that your sales leadership can continuously add value to your organization and change your clients at a rapid pace. Leadership development is therefore more relevant and important than ever before for realizing your sales strategy and - not unimportant - the retention of your sales executives.

SalesQuarters offers this development for sales executives. We are not sales trainers and therefore do not focus on skills building, but we focus on what makes the most difference in sales leader performance. Our approach is based on leading scientific research (much of which we also conduct ourselves in close collaboration with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University).

Executive search

Our way of working

Our development programs benefit both your sales leaders' personal development needs, and your business objectives. We custom-tailor our programs to align them with our clients' specific business context and participants. That being said, the foundation of the SalesQuarters Leadership Journey consists of the following driving principles: 'Evidence-based' (driven by data & analytics); 'pragmatic and goal-oriented' (focused as much as possible on your daily practice); and 'who you become as a leader and what you do as a leader,' because we know that both make a difference with sales executives.

Our other products

  • Assessment & Benchmarking (make the quality of sales leadership transparent and measurable)
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness (analyse and develop your sales leadership team)
  • Accelerated First Quarter (accelerate the onboarding of new sales leadership)

Something for you?

SalesQuarters takes care of the development of sales leaders for a wide range of clients. Recently, we had the opportunity, for example, to develop the sales leadership of a major E-commerce player, a SaaS company in the educational sector, and a (PE-owned) market leader in residential interior.

Our Team

SalesQuarters draws on years of experience in executive leadership development. Depending on the customer needs, SalesQuarters deploys a carefully selected and trained faculty with specific experiences. Consider, for example, experience with team-, growth- or customer challenges. The origins of this faculty are diverse, but they all share a thorough experience in sales leadership.

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