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Executive search & succession

Finding the best sales leader is the investment decision that will bring you the highest dividend this year.


The recruitment of sales leaders? The investment in sales growth, you mean.

Want to grow your sales exponentially? This can be achieved only by real sales leaders. Do you want to find and reel them in? Then you only need to remember one name: SalesQuarters.


We find the best sales leaders of today and tomorrow for you:

  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Senior Sales Professionals
  • High potential sales talents
Executive search

Executive search – but evidence-based


With SalesQuarters, you choose the best candidate in the job market. Is it a bold statement? Of course. But not a single word has been lied. And there are three main reasons for it.

1. Hyperfocus

Sales leadership is our niche of focus.

2. Unique network

Searching for the top 5% of executives and high-potentials of The Netherlands? We know their phone numbers. For more than 10 years we have been speaking daily with C-level sales executives, their successors, and top performers of large and medium-sized companies and scale-ups.

High-potentials are also on our radar. We continuously follow every top performer on the sales pyramid. Building relationships with high-potentials allows us to give you the best choice of executives. When we propose a candidate, you get a movie about them, instead of just their picture.

 3. Evidence Based

Our search & matching process is rigorous and based on scientific evidence. There is no space for a black box. This means that when we propose a candidate, you can be sure there is not a better one available.

Development Driven Search®

How do we convince scarce, highly talented sales executives to choose you? For this, we have developed a special approach: Development Driven Search (DDS®).


The foundation for this approach lies in over 10 years of professional experience in the top of the business world, combined with our in-depth knowledge of search, sales management, and leadership.


Finding each other through development

The key to attracting the best candidate? No need to be pushy, just tune in to them. Together, we create a position and growth path within your organization that fits seamlessly with your dream candidates' development needs, making them feel acknowledged and valued.


DDS® goes considerably further than any other candidate-driven search, as we focus on the continuous development of both candidate and company.

How do we make sure that there is an alignment between leadership development of sales executives and teams with your company's strategic goals? For this, we delve deeper into motivations and ambitions of both company and candidates.

Succession planning

What if one of your top sales executives leaves the company tomorrow? How do you guarantee the quality and continuity of your sales force? The answer is the sales leader succession planning we help you with.


Succession planning equals to looking ahead. Which sales talents have the experience, skills, personality and ambition to fill the gap left by a key player in the company?


Executive search

Sales Leader Talent Bench

We have a track-record in a wide range of job functions, but stand out as specialists for commercial talent (sales, buying, business development, e-commerce). With regard to seniority, we also focus on C-level Directors, Managers and young professionals.

Sales Leader Exits

Are you looking for a CCO or General Manager with a solid sales background? From our DDS® program we also guide sales leaders to a C-level job outside sales.

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